Ending Veteran Homelessness

Photo Courtesy of U.S.VETS (http://www.usvetsinc.org/lasvegas/) and Cecilio Ricardo, Jr.

How to Get Involved:

There are many ways to join the efforts to end veteran homelessness in Southern Nevada.  Please click on the below Menu of Opportunity to find a way that you or your organization can get involved:

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For more information, please go to www.housevetsnv.org.

Bulletin courtesy of the Veteran’s Administration 11.10.2015

Executive Summary- End to Veteran Homelessness in Southern Nevada, “Functional Zero”-



October 2015 Southern Nevada submitted documents to demonstrate we had achieved an end to Veteran homelessness and requested Federal confirmation. This claim was submitted by partners that included City of Las Vegas – Mayor Carolyn Goodman, VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System, local HUD office, Clark County Department of Social Services, and numerous other key community partners and providers.

The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, Department of Housing and Urban Development, and Department of Veterans Affairs confirmed that Southern Nevada has functionally ended homelessness among Veterans.

What is the definition of a Functional End to Veteran Homelessness?

A functional end to homelessness does not mean that Veterans will never again experience a housing crisis or homelessness.  It does mean that we have the systems, services, resources and housing inventory to respond quickly and effectively to a Veteran’s housing needs.  It also means that our community has the capacity to prevent homelessness whenever possible and can assist Veterans who fall into homelessness with a rapid return to permanent housing.

The result is that any type of future homelessness among Veterans in Southern Nevada is BRIEF, RARE AND NON-RECURRING.

More specifically, as a community we can:

  1. Quickly identify Veterans who are at risk of, or experiencing homelessness.  Veterans who are literally homeless are on a “By-Name” list and contacted by Outreach Staff at least monthly until they accept a housing plan.
  2. Provide interventions to prevent Veterans from entering homelessness and continue to pursue ways to increase those services/resources.
  3. Offer immediate access to low barrier transitional housing for all Veterans wanting to come in off the streets.
  4. Quickly engage the Veteran in a housing assessment, verification of eligibility and offer an immediate plan to achieve and maintain stable housing. Past and Current Homeless Veteran Numbers in Our Community (Point-In-Time):


Jan 2014 PIT (Point in Time Homeless Census Count) = estimated that we had 897 Veterans Homeless in the community

Jan 2015 PIT (Point in Time Homeless Census Count)= estimated that we had 692 Veterans Homeless in the community

On 10/16/2015: we identified that we had 344 Veterans who were homeless (all but 48 had a housing plan in place)

All Homeless Veterans should be referred to Centralized Intake located at the VA Southern Nevada Community Resource and Referral Center (CRRC – 916 W. Owens).  The VA CRRC not only provides assessments and coordination with housing partners on site, but is a “one-stop” location for additional Veteran services; such as medical access, benefits support/enrollment, employment programs and legal assistance.

Southern Nevada’s Definition of “What is a Veteran?”

Southern Nevada includes our state definition in addition to the federal definition as follows:  A person who has successfully completed training and served at least 1 day of active duty in one of the 5 main branches of the US Military. {OR}  A person who has served for at least six (6) consecutive years in the National Guard or Reserves. The DD214 is always the final verifying document regarding eligibility for housing services.