About Us

The Nevada Homeless Alliance is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that has served Southern Nevada since 1992.

Our Approach

The Nevada Homeless Alliance pursues collaborative strategies to end homelessness in Southern Nevada through advocacy, public awareness, education, and coordination of services.

This requires a multidimensional, collaborative approach among government agencies, community organizations, the private sector and homeless people themselves. The NHA works to create and strengthen these relationships to facilitate an effective and comprehensive systems response to homelessness.

Partnering to Improve Outcomes for People Experiencing Homelessness

Our work is predicated on partnerships with service providers assisting people who are homeless with housing, healthcare, mental health, education, legal aid, courts, employment services, child and family services, law enforcement, and more.  This includes partnering with the federal, state, and local government, business, philanthropic, civic, and faith-based organizations, and people who are currently experiencing homelessness and those who have in the past.

Our Impact

Provider Coordination

The NHA hosts monthly meetings which provide an opportunity for homeless services to network, share resources, address service gaps, and advocate for their respective organizations and clients. Each meeting includes the participation of up to 40 organizations, and topics include funding streams, public engagement, local/state/federal advocacy, available services, education on relevant services, planning for regional homeless initiatives, and more. We have been able to build and expand upon partnerships in order to alleviate strain on the organization while better serving the clients.

The NHA sends weekly emails to the alliance network, sharing partner agency news, events, collaborative opportunities, and training opportunities across homeless service providers, donors, and volunteers. These emails serve as a timely information link and a bridge for collaboration.


The NHA provides a voice at the federal, state, and local level on policies that can be supported, amended, or otherwise enhanced to create effective solutions to homelessness in Southern Nevada.

Public Awareness

The NHA disseminates information to support and advance the movement to end homelessness. Our public education efforts raise awareness, build partnerships, mobilize advocates and generate support for people experiencing homelessness. We engage and educate partners, members, policymakers and the public through events, various publications, and social media.

Built for Zero

The NHA convenes Built for Zero, a multi-agency initiative that is designing and implementing innovative approaches to end Chronic Homelessness through large scale change. We are working to build a system of community resources so robust that homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring.

Project Homeless Connect Events

The NHA leads the coordination of Project Homeless Connect Events, comprehensive resource fairs for homeless and low-income individuals and families that provide immediate access to a full array of services in one place.

PHC and Family Connect services include housing, medical/dental/vision services, behavioral health, job readiness, family resources, food resources, legal and court assistance, general community assistance, and more. The NHA has convened community partners in the planning and execution of 25 Project Homeless Connect events.  Over the last five years alone, these events have assisted over 15,000 homeless clients in the accessing of resources and services.

In 2017, Project Connect Events expanded from two annual events to monthly Pop-Up Project Homeless Connect events, a mini-but-mighty outreach event that convenes partner organizations to offer showers, housing assistance, ID recovery, medical and mental health support, legal aid, clothing, and more.

Promoting Best Practices

Our goal is to identify innovative and effective strategies to combat homelessness through our initiatives and national partnerships. This knowledge informs our policy work and the recommendations we make, and is shared with the Nevada Homeless Alliance partners. In 2018, the Nevada Homeless Alliance will launch a series of trainings for service providers and members on best practices in service interventions.

Board of Directors

Sandra Shulman

MGM Resorts International


Robert Reynolds

Reynolds Management

Vice President

Linda Rheinberger

Berkhshire Hathaway Home Services


Pastor Henry Sneed

Lucky Little Chapel


Senator David Parks

NV State Senator

Merideth Spriggs


Marce Casal

WellCare Group

Executive Staff

Emily Paulsen, MSW
Executive Director


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